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Keep up to date with the latest news, insights, and feature release information from Epic Online Services.

Accessing Epic Online Services
Game Services with the Connect Interface

Learn how to authenticate players with the Connect Interface to use the platform-agnostic Game Services offered by Epic Online Services.

Querying for Epic Friends
and their status

Learn how to query for Epic Friends and their status using the Friends Interface of the Epic Online Services SDK.

Getting and setting
player presence

Learn how to use the Epic Online Services SDK’s Presence Interface to query and set presence information for your players.

Player authentication with
Epic Account Services (EAS)

Learn how to use Epic Account Services (EAS) in a C# solution using the Epic Online Services (EOS) SDK to authenticate players.

Parent verification tools now free
for developers—download now

SuperAwesome’s Kids Web Services parental verification tools are now free, making it easy and affordable for developers to provide online experiences for young audiences that are compliant with digital privacy laws.

Setting up a C# solution for
EOS in Visual Studio 2019

Learn how to set up a C# solution to use Epic Online Services in Visual Studio 2019 to power your games using Account and Game Services.

Epic Online Services launches 
Anti-Cheat support for Linux, Mac, and Steam Deck

Easy Anti-Cheat now supports all major PC operating systems, including Linux, Mac, and Steam Deck.

How to set up
Epic Online Services (EOS)

Learn how to set up Epic Online Services (EOS) to power your games with Epic Account Services (EAS) and various Game Services.

Migrate from GameSparks
to Epic Online Services

Amazon recently announced the deprecation of GameSparks. If your game is running on GameSparks and you’re looking for an alternative solution, Epic Online Services is ready to use with any engine, any store, and any platform.

Introduction to Epic Online Services

Learn what Epic Online Services (EOS) is and how you can use these free services to power your games with battle-hardened back-end services.
Hades | Supergiant Games

Hades uses Epic Online Services to incorporate cross-platform cloud saves and achievements

Supergiant Games shares how it leveraged Epic Online Services to implement player data storage for cloud saves and achievements across PC and Nintendo Switch.

Epic Online Services
releases plugins for Unity 
and Unreal Engine

Introducing a new plugin for the Unity engine and an online subsystem (OSS) in Unreal Engine 4.27—integrating Epic Online Services has never been more simple!

Epic Online Services
launches two new free services

Voice and Easy Anti-Cheat are new tools that developers can use to connect players with in-game voice chat and to protect PC games against cheating.
Dauntless | Pheonix Labs

Why cross-play matters

Cross-play is quickly becoming an industry standard, encouraging play and opening up player-bases. It’s been embraced by Fortnite and Rocket League players around the world—and we have the stats to back it up.

Epic Online Services
featuring Epic Account and Game Services

Grow your game’s community across multiple stores and platforms with cross-play, leaderboards, and achievements, and connect to the world’s largest social graph. All in a single SDK, for free.

We succeed when you succeed

Epic believes in an open, integrated gaming community. By offering our own online services to everyone, we aim to empower more developers to serve their own player communities.