Parent verification tools now free for developers—download now

September 30, 2021
As more young people come online every day, it’s important for developers to be mindful of digital privacy laws like COPPA and GDPR-K that were created to help protect kids. Part of complying with these laws can require developers who operate games, virtual concerts, or other digital experiences to obtain verifiable parental consent before they collect certain personal information from their younger audiences. But for hundreds of thousands of developers, this requirement has always presented a major challenge, as adhering to it can both be technologically complex and prohibitively expensive—especially when you want to do it right. 

And while larger studios might be able to afford to build or license their own parental verification solutions, smaller developers have never had that luxury. Until now.

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Starting today, we are making SuperAwesome’s Kids Web Services (KWS) parent verification free for all developers globally via Epic Online Services. SuperAwesome joined Epic last year and their, well, super awesome software enables developers to verify the identity of parents or guardians when granting their children permission to use features that collect personal information. 

Developers now have everything they need to enable compliant parent verification to support younger audiences. Plus, once they are verified with KWS, parents and guardians will never need to re-verify their identity for any other KWS-enabled service, so developers won’t have to reinvent the wheel every time they set out to do something new. 

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Check out SuperAwesome’s full blog post on the announcement or visit the KWS portal landing page

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