Epic Online Services releases plugins for Unity and Unreal Engine

August 19, 2021

Integrating Epic Online Services just got even easier

Epic Online Services powers cross-platform social game experiences with open, modular, and free online services that connect friends on any platform and any store, on the engine of your choice.

Through a new plugin for the Unity engine and an online subsystem (OSS) in Unreal Engine 4.27, integrating Epic Online Services has never been more simple. 

Plugin for Unity

The Epic Online Services plugin for Unity is now available for PC, with console and mobile following later in the year. Developed and maintained by PlayEveryWare, the plugin is open source to edit and extend. Developers install the UPM package, which includes the Epic Online Services SDK, via the Unity Package Manager and integrate and manage services at dev.epicgames.com.

Unreal Engine Online Subsystem (OSS)

The online subsystem (OSS) includes integration of the SDK and access to Epic Online Services tools and interfaces directly within Unreal Engine. 

Supported features for both plugins:

  • Overlay
  • Achievements
  • Auth
  • EOS Connect
  • Friends
  • Leaderboards
  • Lobbies
  • P2P
  • Player Data Storage
  • Sessions / Matchmaking
  • Stats
  • User Info
  • Title Storage
  • Voice

For more information on getting started visit dev.epicgames.com. If you're interested in learning more about Epic Online Services, drop us a line and we'll answer any questions you have!

    We succeed when you succeed

    Epic believes in an open, integrated games community. By offering our online services to everyone for free, we aim to empower more developers to serve their own player communities.