Epic Online Services featuring Epic Account and Game Services

May 13, 2020
Epic Online Services are now available to all developers across PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac, with support coming soon to iOS and Android.

Our mission is to enable developers to achieve the quality and depth of cross-platform experiences that we’ve built for Fortnite, and to make the services available for free for use with all engines, all stores, and all account services.

We provide all kinds of services:

  • Game Services deliver lobbies, matchmaking, peer-to-peer connectivity, player data storage, achievements and stats, leaderboards, game analytics, and player ticketing. More features are coming later, including voice chat. You can use these services together with your own account system, with platform account systems, or choose to use Epic Games accounts.
  • Epic Account Services support cross-platform accounts, login, friends, and presence, and are interoperable with console account systems. Reach an audience of over 350 million players with 2.2 billion friend connections on over half a billion devices across seven platforms. 
BlogGraph.pngWant to see what Epic Online Services can do for your game? Head over to the Developer Portal to download the SDK and get started today.