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Getting started with Epic Online Services is easy. Find out about our free licensing options and benefits.

Free to useEpic Online Services is for everyone in the gaming world, whether you are a small developer or a large studio/publisher. Use any of its services today, without royalty or hosting fees.
Included option markVideo games and related applications
Included option markCommercial, non-commercial, educational, and personal use
Included option markEpic Online Services is not for applications not related to video games
Included option markAll Epic Account and Game Services (after accepting the licensing agreement)
Included option markLearning materials and documentation
Included option markCommunity-based support
Included option markUnlimited games and live titles
Included option markUnlimited player accounts
Included option markPatches and updates

We succeed when you succeed

Epic believes in an open, integrated gaming community. By offering our own online services to everyone, we aim to empower more developers to serve their own player communities.