Epic Online Services Acceptable Use Policy

We aim for all developers using Epic Online Services to have a positive experience. In order for us to deliver such an experience, certain restrictions to the service usage have been put in place to protect against unintended service overuse, denial of service attacks, and other causes of excessive service load. As violations to these restrictions may result in suspending or throttling your use of the services, we want to provide additional clarification on our policies.


The following guidelines on acceptable use are not intended to add additional restrictions, but instead provide more detail and clarifications on the terms in the Developer Agreement. We intend to provide transparency in the management and enforcement of these restrictions.


The examples in this document are not exhaustive and this document may be modified from time to time to provide further information and examples of usage that may be considered inappropriate.  Please reference this document when you are not certain if your usage is in line with the terms of the Developer Agreement or ask us to clarify.

Only use in connection to your video game

The SDK and services may only be used in connection with interactive video game software that is provided for entertainment purposes. If you have any questions on whether or not your software would be considered a Video Game, please ask us.

Use via the SDK with provided credentials

You are only allowed to access the Services through the SDK, the Developer Portal, or means as otherwise expressly authorized by Epic. Our technical documentation will call out any public endpoints you are allowed to use outside of the SDK, such as web APIs and dashboards.


When using the SDK or accessing the services, you may only use your own product credentials as provided by Epic and may not share those credentials with anyone else.

Use as intended

You are expected to use the SDK and services according to our technical documentation. The services have built-in technical limitations that are intended to prevent DDOS attacks and other forms of abuse. These technical limitations are intended to be sufficient for regular use and are specified for each service in the relevant technical documentation. When a technical limit is reached, the service may begin dropping requests for your product. You may not attempt to circumvent such limitations or security measures of the services.


You may not use the SDK or Services in any manner that could disable, overburden, or impair any of our servers, whether intentional or otherwise. While our services have been designed to achieve high availability and scale with regular usage, in the event that your use of the SDK or services overloads or breaks the services, we may temporarily disable your use of the services in order to prevent impairment to others’ use of the services, even when the misuse is technically within the built-in limitations of the services.

Reporting abuse

If you believe someone is violating the acceptable use policies, please let us know by contacting us. We will triage the claim and determine whether it warrants further investigation, termination of the services, and/or removal of content.


In critical abuse situations, we may escalate actions or imminent threats of serious harm to law enforcement.