Courtesy of Prophecy Games

How Prophecy Games combined Epic Online Services with RallyHere to Safeguard TRIBES 3: Rivals

June 11, 2024
This guest blog post was written by Pritesh Patel from RallyHere.

For developers of games like TRIBES 3: Rivals, developed by Prophecy Games, implementing cheat prevention and detection systems are essential to sustain the revenue model. When cheaters run rampant, legitimate players feel discouraged from playing and spending money on in-game items or currency. By combining Epic Online Services with  RallyHere, Prophecy Games safeguarded not only the integrity of the game, but also its financial sustainability.

Prophecy Games built on their experience from prior titles and started by using Epic Online Services to detect cheaters and prevent cheat injection and game tampering. Epic Online Services also enabled player reporting to capture additional information about suspicious behavior. By combining this with RallyHere’s reporting and match data services, Prophecy Games creates an environment where players can compete on a level playing field. Potential cheaters are reviewed by the moderation team, who use additional data, captured with RallyHere’s services, to take action.
Courtesy of Prophecy Games
The combination of Epic Online Services and RallyHere as an anti-cheat solution has been a game-changer for our player community, and company. The tools not only helped safeguard our game, but also made it easier for our support teams in their daily work, creating a more enjoyable experience for everyone.
- Adam Goren, COO Prophecy Games
Cheat prevention is an important part of fostering a healthy player community. Prophecy Games’ integration includes Easy Anti-Cheat functionality to capture player behavior data, so that the system can look for cheating patterns and learn over time what a cheater looks like. This helps prevent cheaters from using similar cheats in the game, as more data is aggregated and analyzed over time. Because player identifiers are linked across Epic Online Services and RallyHere, Prophecy Games can use the information provided by Easy Anti-Cheat to prevent confirmed cheaters from connecting to multiplayer matches, which are powered by RallyHere’s services.
Courtesy of Prophecy Games
Cheat detection is equally important because it enables developers to identify and take action against cheaters swiftly. The presence of cheaters can discourage legitimate players, leading to a decline in player retention and community engagement. Using Epic Online Services equipped Prophecy Games with advanced tools to identify (Reports) and remove cheaters (Sanctions), preserving the integrity of the gaming experience. 

This approach enabled Prophecy Games’ moderators to review reported or suspicious accounts more easily. On top of this, they implemented ban functionality from RallyHere, enabling moderators to ban players from outright logging in to the game. This resulted in players enjoying a fair and competitive environment, reinforcing their trust in the game, its publisher, and its community.
Courtesy of Prophecy Games
In the case of TRIBES 3, a thriving and supportive community is crucial to its success. Cheaters can disrupt this harmony, leading to a negative gameplay experience that decreases retention and loyalty. Fostering a positive community where players can compete, collaborate, and socialize without the interference of cheaters, Epic Online Services and RallyHere ultimately enabled a healthier and more engaged player base to develop. This community is pivotal in ensuring the ongoing health of the player base and keeping bad actors out.

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