EOS API reference page for EOS_Auth_Credentials


This data structure is part of the Auth Interface.


A structure that contains login credentials. What is required is dependent on the type of login being initiated. This is part of the input structure EOS_Auth_LoginOptions and related to device auth. Use of the ID and Token fields differs based on the Type. They should be null, unless specified: EOS_LCT_Password - ID is the email address, and Token is the password. EOS_LCT_ExchangeCode - Token is the exchange code. EOS_LCT_PersistentAuth - If targeting console platforms, Token is the long lived refresh token. Otherwise N/A. EOS_LCT_DeviceCode - N/A. EOS_LCT_Developer - ID is the host (e.g. localhost:6547), and Token is the credential name registered in the EOS Developer Authentication Tool. EOS_LCT_RefreshToken - Token is the refresh token. EOS_LCT_AccountPortal - SystemAuthCredentialsOptions may be required if targeting mobile platforms. Otherwise N/A. EOS_LCT_ExternalAuth - Token is the external auth token specified by ExternalType.

See Also

EOS_ELoginCredentialType, EOS_Auth_Login, EOS_Auth_DeletePersistentAuthOptions



int32_t ApiVersionAPI Version: Set this to EOS_AUTH_CREDENTIALS_API_LATEST.
const char* IdID of the user logging in, based on EOS_ELoginCredentialType
const char* TokenCredentials or token related to the user logging in
EOS_ELoginCredentialType TypeType of login. Needed to identify the auth method to use
void* SystemAuthCredentialsOptionsThis field is for system specific options, if any. If provided, the structure will be located in (System)/eos_(system).h. The structure will be named EOS_(System)_Auth_CredentialsOptions.
EOS_EExternalCredentialType ExternalTypeType of external login. Needed to identify the external auth method to use. Used when login type is set to EOS_LCT_ExternalAuth, ignored for other EOS_ELoginCredentialType methods.