EOS API reference page for EOS_CustomInvites_AddNotifyCustomInviteAccepted


This function is part of the CustomInvites Interface.


Register to receive notifications when a Custom Invite for any logged in local user is accepted via the Social Overlay Invites accepted in this way still need to have FinalizeInvite called on them after you have finished processing the invite accept (e.g. after joining the game)

must call EOS_CustomInvites_RemoveNotifyCustomInviteAccepted to remove the notification

Return Value

handle representing the registered callback



Parameter Type And NameUsage Information
EOS_HCustomInvites Handle
const EOS_CustomInvites_AddNotifyCustomInviteAcceptedOptions* OptionsStructure containing information about the request.
void* ClientDataArbitrary data that is passed back to you in the CompletionDelegate.
const EOS_CustomInvites_OnCustomInviteAcceptedCallback NotificationFnA callback that is fired when a Custom Invite is accepted via the Social Overlay.

Callback Function Information

Because this function is asynchronous, it employs a callback of type EOS_CustomInvites_OnCustomInviteAcceptedCallback to report the results of its operation. See the EOS_CustomInvites_OnCustomInviteAcceptedCallbackInfo page for more details, or check the [Callback Data] section below.

Callback Remarks

Function prototype definition for notifications that comes from EOS_CustomInvites_AddNotifyCustomInviteAccepted

Callback Parameters


Parameter Type And NameUsage Information
const EOS_CustomInvites_OnCustomInviteAcceptedCallbackInfo* DataA EOS_CustomInvites_OnCustomInviteAcceptedCallbackInfo containing the output information and result

Callback Data

The EOS SDK passes the following data structure to the callback function:


void* ClientDataContext that was passed into EOS_CustomInvites_AddNotifyCustomInviteAccepted
EOS_ProductUserId TargetUserIdUser that sent the custom invite
EOS_ProductUserId LocalUserIdRecipient Local user id
const char* CustomInviteIdId of the accepted Custom Invite
const char* PayloadPayload of the accepted Custom Invite

For more information, see the EOS_CustomInvites_OnCustomInviteAcceptedCallbackInfo page.