EOS API reference page for EOS_ERelayControl


This enumerated type is part of the P2P Interface.


Setting for controlling whether relay servers are used. Please see the following EOS_ERelayControl value compatibility-chart to better understand how changing this value can affect compatibility between clients with different settings.

EOS_RC_ NoRelaysEOS_RC_ AllowRelays (Default)EOS_RC_ ForceRelays
EOS_RC_NoRelaysCompatibleCompatibleConnection Failure
EOS_RC_AllowRelays (Default)CompatibleCompatibleCompatible
EOS_RC_ForceRelaysConnection FailureCompatibleCompatible



Enumerated ValueMeaning
EOS_RC_NoRelaysPeer connections will never attempt to use relay servers. Clients with restrictive NATs may not be able to connect to peers.
EOS_RC_AllowRelaysPeer connections will attempt to use relay servers, but only after direct connection attempts fail. This is the default value if not changed.
EOS_RC_ForceRelaysPeer connections will only ever use relay servers. This will add latency to all connections, but will hide IP Addresses from peers.