Anti-Cheat Web APIs

Use the Anti-Cheat Web APIs to use Anti-Cheat interface features with RESTful services.

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The Epic Online Services (EOS) Anti-Cheat interfaces help reduce cheating in online multiplayer play.

You can use the Anti-Cheat Web APIs to supplement the EOS C SDK for trusted server applications. Before calling the Anti-Cheat Web APIs, check out the Web API Introduction for standards, authentication, and error codes.

API Endpoint

Querying Anti-Cheat Service Status by Deployment


The client policy used must have the anticheat:authenticateForAnyUser or anticheat:authenticateForLocalUser actions allowed.


This call requires Bearer Token authorization with an EOS Client Auth access token, obtained from the Connect interface.


HTTP Request GET /anticheat/v1/{DeploymentId}/status
HTTP Headers
Authorization Bearer <EOSAccessToken>
Content-Type application/json
Path Parameters
deploymentId String The EOS deployment ID Yes

Example Request


HTTP Response 200 - OK: Success.
HTTP Headers
Content-Type application/json
JSON Payload
serverKick Boolean True if anti-cheat Server Kicks are enabled in the EOS Developer Portal, otherwise false.

Example Response