Epic Online Services Web APIs

We recommend using the Epic Online Services (EOS) SDK to interact with your game clients and servers, but we also provide a set of HTTP APIs to support common use cases for web and backend services.

Only APIs listed in the Epic Online Services (EOS) Web API reference may be called using the methods described here. Other undocumented APIs may exist but are reserved for use by Epic Games only and should never be called directly.

Standard Call Formatting

Make your HTTP or HTTPS requests to api.epicgames.dev.

The standard URI format of each Web API request is: https://api.epicgames.dev/<interface>/v<version#>/

Most APIs contain a set of required and optional parameters outlined in their specific reference page.

You should also expect your requests to:

  • Use HTTP 1.1

  • Use a secure connection

  • Have text must be formatted as UTF-8

  • Use application/x-www-form-urlencoded as the Content-Type


For authentication with the Epic Online Services (EOS) Web APIs, check out the Connect Web APIs for Game Services and the Auth Web APIs for Epic Account Services.

Game Services

Epic Account Services