Leaderboard Sample

Overview of the Leaderboard Sample


The Leaderboards Sample demonstrates the operations related to the Leaderboards Interface in the Epic Online Services (EOS) SDK, including:

  • Viewing the list of leaderboards

  • Viewing global leaderboard ranking data

  • Viewing leaderboard ranking data for your friends

  • Updating stat values

Before You Begin

The sample application uses Epic Account Services to authenticate the local user for demonstration purposes. This requires that the Client Credentials used to initialize the SDK have been assigned to an Application used for Epic Account Services.

The demonstrated SDK functionality can be used with any of the supported identity providers for user authentication.

Getting Started

To begin, log in with the panel on the right.


Leaderboards Panel

After logging in, the sample will retrieve the leaderboard definitions that you set up on the Developer Portal . This information will replace the panel on the right.


Click on the name of any leaderboard to display its data in the upper-left panel.

Data Panel

The upper-left panel contains data for the selected leaderboard, and shows the panel's name in its title bar. If no leaderboard is selected, the title bar will read "NO LEADERBOARD SELECTED". This panel displays ranking, user name, and score data for users who have entered a score into the leaderboard. It supports the ability to show data for all users, or only for your friends. See the Friends Interface for more details.

Clicking SHOW GLOBAL displays global ranking data. This data includes rank, user name, and score for all users who have entered a score into the leaderboard.

The SHOW GLOBAL button and leaderboard information

Clicking SHOW FRIENDS displays ranking data for your friends. This data includes rank, user name, and score for all users who have entered a score into the leaderboard and are friends with you.

The SHOW FRIENDS button and leaderboard information

Console Panel

The lower-left panel provides access to console commands and the sample's output log.


The output log contains diagnostic and informational messages, as well as error notifications. You can select and copy text out of the log, or clear it with the CLEAR button. The text entry box enables you to issue the standard console commands and the following sample-specific ones:

Console Command





Makes a request to retrieve the leaderboard definitions for this application.



Ingests a stat with the name supplied in STAT_NAME, with an ingest value of INGEST_AMOUNT. See the Stats Interface for more details.