Quick Start Guide

Quickly get your project up and running using Epic Online Services.

To get up and running with the Epic Online Services (EOS) SDK, you'll need to set up a developer account, and download the SDK. Epic Games also provides a small project to show how EOS can fit into your game.

Setting up an Account

The Developer Portal contains setup information about your products. Each product has a Product ID, Sandbox ID, and DeploymentId. These will be passed into the EOS SDK to identify your product with the backend services.

Downloading the SDK

Once you have set up your organization and products, you can download the SDK on the developer portal . The SDK grants you access to EOS' backend features and services, such as metrics collection and user authentication. Inside the distribution archive, you will find the following directories:




The libraries and header files necessary to link with your product


Sample applications demonstrating how the SDK works

/Third Party Notices/

Legal information about various supporting libraries

For detailed information about the EOS SDK, see our online documentation . Epic Games also provides Developer forums to ask questions and join the community of developers using EOS.

Trying out the Sample

After downloading the SDK, you will find a sample game demonstrating various features of the platform. The samples showcase how each available feature is intended to work. There are samples for authentication, friends, session based matchmaking, peer to peer networking, and user presence work.