Parent Verification Service

How to set up the KWS Parent Verification service on your product.

What is the KWS Parent Verification service?

The KWS excluded, Parent Verification (PV) service is a free service that enables you, the developer, to verify that the person designated by a user of your excluded, product as their parent is an adult. It works as follows:

  1. Using the KWS Developer Portal, you set up the PV service on your product.

  2. Within your product's interface, you collect the parent's email address and pass it to KWS via a single authenticated API call.

  3. This call triggers the verification flow, which is entirely managed by KWS.

  4. KWS notifies you of the successful verification.

The service can be used alongside your permissions system to provide Verifiable Parental Consent (VPC) to the collection of personal information of your users who are under the applicable age of digital consent, in line with COPPA, GDPR-K and other legislation.

PV service configuration roadmap

To set up and use the PV service:

  1. Consider how the PV service will fit into your product's flow. See the example use cases for guidance.

  2. Configure your product to use the PV service in a Test environment. This configuration is subject to review by KWS.

  3. On completion of the KWS review, get the client credentials required to call the KWS API and test the service.

  4. When you have tested the service to your satisfaction, set up your Production environment in the same way as the Test environment.

  5. Once the Production configuration has been reviewed by KWS, you're ready to go live.

Technical requirements

The KWS PV API is a basic HTTPS API. It works with any platform/language capable of making POST requests over HTTPS.