Test your PV service

How to test your PV service before going live.

When your PV service configuration has been reviewed by KWS, you can start testing.

Test mode

Test mode provides a way for you to test your end-to-end integration, through both success and failure paths. For each required input for a verification method, the Developer Portal provides you with a mapping of input values to expected results. When you initiate a flow using your test credentials, you may use these known values to test the behaviour of your integration in each scenario.

Test mode scenarios

When using credentials for a test mode client, each validation method accepts defined inputs that will trigger different scenarios.

Parent pre-verified in ParentGraph

Test mode does not currently simulate this scenario. Email addresses verified in Test mode are not persisted in the ParentGraph.

SSN verification (US)

The scenario is determined by the last 4 digits of the SSN entered:

SSN (ssnSuffix)



Age Not Verified (Failure)


Individual Deceased (Failure)


Multiple Dates of Birth for Individual (Failure)


Individual Underage (Failure)


General Verification Error (Failure)

(any other value)

Verification success

Payment card verification

Payment card verification is performed via Stripe. Test mode tokens leverage Stripe's test card numbers to trigger scenarios.

Additional test card numbers are available for testing 3D Secure flows.