Go live

How to set up the PV service in your Production environment and go live.


After testing the service thoroughly in your Test environment, the next step is to set up your Production environment and go live. The Production environment has its own integration configuration (webhooks, etc.) and client credentials.

  1. In the Dashboard, select the required product and then click the Production button in the top left corner.

  2. Enter the product and service details in the same way as for your Test environment.

  3. Click Save to publish your Production environment settings. In the same way as for your Test environment, this triggers the review process for your Production environment settings by KWS. We will notify you when your configuration has been reviewed and, if it hasn't passed the review process, provide the reason for rejection. This is typically done within 7 business days, Monday to Friday. During periods of high demand this may take longer.

  4. After approval, your PV service is pushed live.