Lobby Sample

Overview of the Lobbies Sample


The Lobby Sample from EOS SDK demonstrates lobby management features, including:

  • Creating new lobbies

  • Modifying lobby permissions for users

  • Changing lobby member attributes

  • Searching for and joining lobbies created by other users

  • Inviting friends to join a lobby

Before You Begin

The sample application uses Epic Account Services to authenticate the local user for demonstration purposes. This requires that the Client Credentials used to initialize the SDK have been assigned to an Application used for Epic Account Services.

The demonstrated SDK functionality can be used with any of the supported identity providers for user authentication.

Lobby Creation

After logging in to the sample, click the Create Lobby button to open the New Lobby dialog:


Use the Level dropdown to select a Level for the lobby. The Max Players dropdown will let you select how many players can be in the lobby at a time. If you check the Public checkbox then other users will be able to find it using the search and join functionality. Otherwise, the lobby will be private, and users will only be able to join by invite.

After you have configured these settings, clicking the Create button will finish creating the lobby. You will automatically quit any other lobbies and join the new lobby.

Current Lobby Dialog


The main dialog displays the following information about your current lobby:

  • The Owner of the lobby

  • Whether the lobby is private or public

  • The current value of the Level attribute

  • A list of Members currently in the lobby

The Members table contains columns with information about the members and actions to interact with them. Available information about lobby members includes:



Member Name

The member's username.

Is Owner

Whether or not the user is an owner for this lobby


What character skin the user currently has selected

The available actions for each member include:


Available To



Lobby owner only

Remove a member from the lobby.


Lobby owner only

Promote a member of the lobby to owner status.

Shuffle Skin

User only

Shuffle the user's skin between available skins. Skins are an attribute associated with individual lobby members, and users are only allowed to shuffle their own skins.

The Leave Lobby button quits the current lobby. An empty lobby is removed automatically by the sample.

Lobby Search


Users can search for lobbies by level name by typing the name of a level in the search field and press the Enter key. When the search completes, you will see all public sessions using the supplied level name, including the session owner, how many members are occupying the session, and the session's selected level. Information about individual members within a session is not available in this menu.

The user can join any of the listed sessions by clicking the Join button for that session. You can clear search results and return to the current lobby dialogue by clicking the Clear Search (cross) button.


Inviting Friends to Lobbies

You can invite friends to join a lobby you have created by finding them in the Friends dialog on the right and clicking Invite to Lobby to send an invitation. Your friend will receive a popup with the option to accept the invitation and join your lobby.

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