Epic Profile achievements Quick Start Guide

Use this guide to get you started with Epic Profile achievements or as a checklist for integration with your product.

Epic Profile achievements are an additional aspect of the Achievements interface, but are not the same.

Step 1. Onboard Your Product

  1. Your organization owner must sign the end-user license agreement (EULA).

  2. Generate any missing deployments and sandboxes.

  3. If you have existing Epic Online Services achievements, start configuring Epic Profile achievements with step 2.

  4. If you do not have Epic Online Services achievements, you must create these first before creating and linking Epic Profile achievements.

Step 2. Configure Epic Profile achievements

  1. Configure Epic Profile achievements in your LIVE sandbox and export your current Epic Online Services achievements.

  2. Switch to your DEV sandbox.

  3. In your achievementDefinitions.csv file, add a column at the end called user_epic_achievements_xp to add your experience points (XP) to the associated achievement.

    • XP must be in increments of 5 with a minimum of 5 XP and maximum of 200 XP per achievement.

    • Total XP must equal 1000 before you can push to stage.

  4. Upload the achievmentDefinitions.csv file with your new Epic Profile achievements file (with XP) to your DEV sandbox.

  5. Add three avatar images for your game (required to push to stage). Refer to How to Upload Avatars for more information.

Step 3. Push to Stage

  1. This button should appear above your achievements list.

  2. If the button is not active, an alert box lists your errors to resolve before you can push to stage.

  3. Resolve the errors in your file and re-upload.

  4. Push to stage for moderation.

Step 4. Epic Moderation

  1. Epic reviews your achievements once they are staged as part of our moderation process.

  2. To view the achievement details page (ADP), add your product to the following URL: /store/en-US/achievements/your-product-name-here.

  3. At the top of the ADP, there is a dropdown that allows you to preview your achievements from your Dev or Stage deployments.

Step 5. Push from Stage to Live (in the Developer Portal)

Warning: Once an achievement is live, it cannot be removed or have XP adjusted.

To change the text or images, follow the normal publishing flow. To delete an achievement, you must contact Epic Games support.