Store Configuration

Provide product-level details

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Sections on the Store Configuration page collect product-level information, including specifications, social media, regions, and ratings. This page also displays the status of your Store Configuration within each sandbox.

Store configuration is required for every new product.

After you complete the Store Configuration, you will create and upload your build.


  • For asset specifications, best practices, and color recommendations, refer to the Epic Games Store Brand Guidelines.

  • Preview windows allow you to see where information and assets will be displayed on the Product Details Page in the Epic Games Store.

  • Blue checkmarks on each section indicate all MANDATORY information has been provided.

Complete Product Configuration

  1. Go to Product > Epic Games Store > Store Configuration > Product configuration > EDIT.

  2. Provide the mandatory and optional.

Mandatory Information

Product details

The Product Details section provides information for the About Game section of the Product Details Page.

  • Product logo – The primary logo for your product, displayed on the right side of your Product Detail Page. Submitted as a transparent PNG, with a maximum height and width of 400 pixels. Should not include empty space to reach the maximum dimensions.

  • Product display name – The title of your product that will be displayed to players.

  • Short description – The description should be straight to the point and describe the product without an excess of adjectives and embellishment.

  • Note: Because the maximum length of this field is 280 characters across all languages, we recommend limiting English text to roughly 200 characters.

  • Genres – Select one to three genres appropriate to your product.

  • Features – Select all features that will be supported with the current release of the game. Please do not include features for future releases; wait until the release to submit an updated page that includes the new feature(s).

  • Supported languages – Select all languages supported by your game for Audio and Text.

  • Support-A-Creator icon – The icon for your product that will be displayed in the Support-a-Creator Affiliate Portal.

  • Legal footer – The legal footer for your game, to be provided in plaintext. May include a URL referencing additional details if needed.

  • Privacy link – The URL to your privacy policy. If you do not have a privacy policy, we recommend that you create a page on your site stating that you do not have this information at this time.

  • Developer name – The name of the developer of your product.

  • Publisher name – The name of the publisher of your product.


The Specifications section provides information about the platforms your product supports and the specifications for ideal user experience. Because this information can change during development, please make sure to confirm specs prior to submitting your game page content for review.

Only select My product supports this OS for the platforms supported by your current release.

Optional Information

Social media

Links in the Social media section display in the Follow Us section of your Product Details Page.

If selected, banner text displays on your Product Details Page. Banner text can be used to emphasize key phases of your go-to-market planning, such as your pre-purchase offer, beta or early access information, or major in-game event.

  • Enable for my product – Select this toggle to include a banner on your Product Details Page.

  • Title – Enter a short title with three to six words that highlight your banner text.

  • Short description – Banner text can be used to emphasize key phases of your go-to-market planning, such as your pre-purchase offer, beta or early access information, or major in-game event.

  • My banner includes a link button – Select this toggle if you want to include a button within your banner. You could use this button to direct users to other web pages. For example, you might link to a web page where users could complete a survey to get a free product code.

  • Button text – Enter the text you want to display on the banner button. A call to action is recommended, such as, "Learn more" or "Complete survey," etc.


The Theming section is optional and allows you to create custom color palettes for your Product Details Page. We recommend that you select an accent color that sufficiently contrasts with the theme color you select, per Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

  • Select: Dark mode or Light mode; Accent color; one of the eight pre-configured Color themes.

Add Regions and Ratings

Launching products in Korea: A GRAC rating is mandatory to launch in Korea. Learn more about Game Ratings in Korea.

  1. Go to Product > Epic Games Store > Store Configuration > Regions and ratings > EDIT

  2. Add Region and Ratings information, as noted below.


All regions are selected by default. Uncheck any regions where you will not distribute your product.


Select all ratings you have received for your product and upload associated certificates.

You may submit your product for review in Stage without a game rating. However, if you receive a rating and update your configuration, you will have to re-submit for review.

  • If your game has received a long-form rating, or you have applied for a long-form rating, it must be displayed on the Epic Games Store.

  • Age ratings provided by IARC cannot be displayed on the Epic Games Store at this time.

  • Ratings are not required for a Coming Soon page; however, they are required for published products.