Apply discounts to your products and offers

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The Discounts page allows you to apply discounts to your products and offers within a specified time period.

  • You can apply only one discount per offer, between 5% to 95%.

  • Within a 90-day period, a product can be discounted for up to 45 days.

You can create Banner text to promote your discount on your Product Details Page.

Discount Settings

  1. Enter the Discount name. This name is for reporting purposes only and is not displayed on your Product pages.

  2. Select the Start and End dates and times.

    1. The Start calendar displays days that are available; if an offer is already applied for a date range, those dates will not be available on the calendar.

  3. The Start time should be at least 24 hours in advance and must run at least one hour. The time of day you enter will correspond to your local time.

  4. Enter the Discount % you want to apply. Your discount must be between 5% and 95%.

  5. Select the Offers you want to be discounted. You may select more than one.