Publish updated artifacts without moderation

Re-publish a moderated artifact without going through moderation again

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Note: Moderation is also known as review.

If your organization has already put an artifact through the moderation and publishing process, you can publish updates to that artifact without going through the review process again.

Note: If you remove a platform from your artifact or add a platform to your artifact, then you must put the artifact through moderation again.

Publish one or more artifacts without moderation

When you publish an artifact without putting it through moderation, the artifact moves from your Dev sandbox to your Live sandbox without going through your Stage sandbox. When you do this, the Dev Portal does not change the artifact in your Stage sandbox. You can promote multiple artifacts at the same time.

If you want to publish an artifact in this way, then the following must be true:

  • Someone in your organization must have previously published the artifact to your Live sandbox. To do this, upload a new binary and set this binary as the active binary.

  • The artifact must have the ready status.

To publish one or more artifacts without moderation:

  1. In the Dev Portal, go to Your Product > Epic Games Store > Artifacts and Binaries.

  2. Select the checkboxes next to the artifacts you want to promote to Live.

  3. You can only promote artifacts that have the Ready status.

  4. Select PUSH TO LIVE.

Note: If PUSH TO LIVE is grayed out, then one or more of your selected artifacts does not have the Ready status. Ensure that you only select artifacts with the Ready status.

Check that you have successfully published your artifacts

You can check your artifacts in the Live sandbox to confirm that you have successfully published them.

  1. In the Dev Portal, go to Your Product > Epic Games Store > Artifacts and Binaries.

  2. Select Live:

    image Live sandbox

  3. For the artifact you want to check, select and select Manage Artifact to view its details.