Known Issues and Recent Updates

Track Closed Beta Release Updates

Are you a Closed Beta partner? If you are not participating in the Closed Beta release, you can access documentation by using your Epic Games account to sign in to the Knowledge Base.

Known Issues

  • Display Name – Entered when creating a product is only used within the Developer Portal. A future update will make the naming of this field more specific.

  • Product Logo – The primary logo for your product is currently restricted to an exact height and width of 400 pixels. An upcoming fix will allow logos that are at or below a height and width of 400 pixels.

  • About section – Bold text in a page's About section may be displayed as italics.

  • Push to Stage – May take several minutes after making even small changes. If the submission is still processing after 10 minutes, please create a case.

  • Videos – Currently do not appear on non-English pages.

  • Demo Offer – You can only upload one Demo per product; a future update will allow multiple demos.

  • Localization template – At this time, before uploading localization content, you will need to remove columns for any languages you have not translated.

  • Custom Price Tiers – Download/upload template functionality will be supported soon.

  • Store Visibility – Functionality for the Edit Offer > Store Visibility section currently is not available.

Recent Updates

November 29, 2021 Release

  • Support for Closed Captioning for videos

  • Support for Consumable Offer Types

  • New! Product dashboard allows you see a quick overview of your product status

  • New! Get started in the Publishing tools with an Interactive onboarding walk-through.

How to Get Support

If you need support from the Epic Games Store team during the process, you can create a case.

Please be aware that you will not be able to create cases until you have completed the onboarding process. If you have issues accessing the case creation page, please reach out to your business support contact.

Your Feedback Is Important

Epic Games would like your feedback on the tools and publishing process. We may contact you directly, and you can also give us feedback by creating a case.