Access Keys

Generate keys for testing, retail, and promotions

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The Access Keys page allows you to generate keys used for redeeming an offer in the Epic Games Store. You can also select specific regions where the keys can be redeemed. The dashboard displays the number of keys you have requested and the associated offers. Keys are provided in a downloaded .CSV file. Keys are only redeemable for a single offer.

Key Types

  • Testing – Used for testing your product. You can generate keys for offers in Dev or Stage sandboxes. Testing keys are only redeemable by users who are members of your Developer organization. You can generate a total of 5,000 testing keys. Requests over 5,000 must be approved by Epic Games.

  • Press/Promo – Used for marketing and communication campaigns, such as press or influencer keys, preview keys, discount codes, or rating board reviews. Your product offer must be in Live to generate. You can generate a total of 1,000 press/promo keys. Requests over 1,000 must be approved by Epic Games.

  • Retail – Used for partnerships and sales purposes, such as retail bundle codes or box products. Your product offer must be in Live to generate. Retail key requests must be approved by Epic Games.

Generate Keys

A .csv file is generated and the dashboard reflects the change in the number of keys available.

  1. Go to Product > Epic Games Store > Access Keys > GENERATE KEYS.

  2. Select the Offer associated with the key type, then NEXT.

  3. Enter the Batch name.

  4. Select the key purpose: Testing, Press/Promo, or Retail

  5. You may enter Comments for the Epic Games Store team to consider when your request is reviewed.

  6. Select the Type of key (either single-use or multi-use) and enter the Quantity. Note: Multi-use keys are tracked against the total keys allowed.

  7. You may select Start and Expiry dates to strictly manage the time period when the keys are redeemed.

  8. Select the regions where the keys can be redeemed; you can select all regions or specific regions.


Keyless Integration

The Epic Games Store partners with several storefronts to allow you to sell your games:

  • Humble Bundle

  • GOG

  • Fanatical

  • Greenman Gaming

  • Genba and their integrated store partners

You will need to work directly with these storefronts to coordinate an agreement to sell your product on their store leveraging the keyless integration with the Epic Games Store.

If you have questions about the Epic Games Store keyless integration service, you can raise a case for more information.