Developer Portal

Epic Online Services (EOS) features a robust product management system to make configuring services across multiple storefronts and platforms straightforward and simple.

In the Developer Portal, you can update your product information, support your players, manage game finances, and provide usage reports and other statistical data. Once you create an account, you can manage your products, configure services, and define the settings for identity providers and available platforms.

Data in the EOS ecosystem is organized in tiered system:

  • Your organization encompasses all your information and specifically refers to a team of people, such as a game studio or publisher.

  • Within your organization, you can have multiple products. Each product is a game or other software product registered with EOS. All products are assigned one public sandbox for their live environment.

  • Different sandboxes exist for each product you may have. They enable a high-level distribution environment for a game containing store-related information, mod configurations, and entries for specific deployments of a game.

  • Deployments are specific distributions of a product sandbox containing all gameplay and player data, such as unlocked player achievements or ongoing matches in the matchmaking backend. You can use multiple deployments to separate product data between your live environment and your internal playtesting.

For example:

  • Organization - Epic Games

    • Product - Jazz Jackrabbit

    • Sandbox - Development

      • Deployment - DevGame01

    • Sandbox - Staging

      • Deployment - QATestGame01

      • Deployment - AlphaGame

      • Deployment - BetaGame

    • Sandbox - Live

      • Deployment - LiveGame