EOS API reference page for EOS_Lobby_CreateLobbyOptions

This data structure is part of the Lobby Interface.


Input parameters for the EOS_Lobby_CreateLobby function.





int32_t ApiVersion


EOS_ProductUserId LocalUserId

The Product User ID of the local user creating the lobby; this user will automatically join the lobby as its owner

uint32_t MaxLobbyMembers

The maximum number of users who can be in the lobby at a time

EOS_ELobbyPermissionLevel PermissionLevel

The initial permission level of the lobby

EOS_Bool bPresenceEnabled

If true, this lobby will be associated with presence information. A user's presence can only be associated with one lobby at a time. This affects the ability of the Social Overlay to show game related actions to take in the user's social graph.

  • using the bPresenceEnabled flags within the Sessions interface

  • using the bPresenceEnabled flags within the Lobby interface

  • using EOS_PresenceModification_SetJoinInfo

EOS_Bool bAllowInvites

Are members of the lobby allowed to invite others

const char* BucketId

Bucket ID associated with the lobby

EOS_Bool bDisableHostMigration

Is host migration allowed (will the lobby stay open if the original host leaves?) NOTE: EOS_Lobby_PromoteMember is still allowed regardless of this setting

EOS_Bool bEnableRTCRoom

Creates a real-time communication (RTC) room for all members of this lobby. All members of the lobby will automatically join the RTC room when they connect to the lobby and they will automatically leave the RTC room when they leave or are removed from the lobby. While the joining and leaving of the RTC room is automatic, applications will still need to use the EOS RTC interfaces to handle all other functionality for the room.

const EOS_Lobby_LocalRTCOptions* LocalRTCOptions

(Optional) Allows the local application to set local audio options for the RTC Room if it is enabled. Set this to NULL if the RTC RTC room is disabled or you would like to use the defaults.

const char* LobbyId

(Optional) Set to a globally unique value to override the backend assignment If not specified the backend service will assign one to the lobby. Do not mix and match override and non override settings. This value can be of size [EOS_LOBBY_MIN_LOBBYIDOVERRIDE_LENGTH, EOS_LOBBY_MAX_LOBBYIDOVERRIDE_LENGTH]

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