EOS API reference page for EOS_Auth_LoginCallbackInfo

This data structure is part of the Auth Interface.


Output parameters for the EOS_Auth_Login Function.





EOS_EResult ResultCode

The EOS_EResult code for the operation. EOS_Success indicates that the operation succeeded; other codes indicate errors.

void* ClientData

Context that was passed into EOS_Auth_Login

EOS_EpicAccountId LocalUserId

The Epic Online Services Account ID of the local user who has logged in

const EOS_Auth_PinGrantInfo* PinGrantInfo

Optional data returned in the middle of a EOS_LCT_DeviceCode request

EOS_ContinuanceToken ContinuanceToken

If the user was not found with external auth credentials passed into EOS_Auth_Login, this continuance token can be passed to EOS_Auth_LinkAccount to continue the flow.

const EOS_Auth_AccountFeatureRestrictedInfo* AccountFeatureRestrictedInfo

If the user trying to login is restricted from doing so, the ResultCode of this structure will be EOS_Auth_AccountFeatureRestricted, and AccountFeatureRestrictedInfo will be populated with the data needed to get past the restriction

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