EOS API reference page for EOS_Presence_GetJoinInfo

This function is part of the Presence Interface.


Gets a join info custom game-data string for a specific user. This is a helper function for reading the presence data related to how a user can be joined. Its meaning is entirely application dependent. This value will be valid only after a QueryPresence call has successfully completed.

Return Value

  • An EOS_EResult that indicates whether the location string was copied into the OutBuffer.

  • EOS_Success if the information is available and passed out in OutBuffer

  • EOS_InvalidParameters if you pass a null pointer for the out parameter

  • EOS_NotFound if there is user or the location string was not found.

  • EOS_LimitExceeded - The OutBuffer is not large enough to receive the location string. InOutBufferLength contains the required minimum length to perform the operation successfully.

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Parameter Type And Name

Usage Information

EOS_HPresence Handle

const EOS_Presence_GetJoinInfoOptions* Options

Object containing an associated user

char* OutBuffer

The buffer into which the character data should be written. The buffer must be long enough to hold a string of EOS_PRESENCEMODIFICATION_JOININFO_MAX_LENGTH.

int32_t* InOutBufferLength

Used as an input to define the OutBuffer length. The input buffer should include enough space to be null-terminated. When the function returns, this parameter will be filled with the length of the string copied into OutBuffer.

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