EOS API reference page for EOS_P2P_GetPortRange

This function is part of the P2P Interface.


Get the current chosen port and the amount of other ports to try above the chosen port if the chosen port is unavailable.

Return Value

  • EOS_EResult::EOS_Success - if the input options were valid

  • EOS_EResult::EOS_InvalidParameters - if the input was invalid in some way


Parameter Type And Name

Usage Information

EOS_HP2P Handle

const EOS_P2P_GetPortRangeOptions* Options

Information about what version of the EOS_P2P_GetPortRange API is supported

uint16_t* OutPort

The port that will be tried first

uint16_t* OutNumAdditionalPortsToTry

The amount of ports to try above the value in OutPort, if OutPort is unavailable

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