EOS API reference page for EOS_KWS_GetPermissionByKey

This function is part of the [KWS Interface](Interfaces/KWS).


This interface is not available for general access at this time. Fetch the state of a given permission that are cached for a given local user.

Return Value

  • EOS_Success if the permission state is known for the given user and key

  • EOS_NotFound if the user or the permission is not found

See Also

EOS_KWS_CreateUser, EOS_KWS_QueryPermissions, EOS_KWS_RequestPermissions


Parameter Type And Name

Usage Information


const EOS_KWS_GetPermissionByKeyOptions* Options

Structure containing the input parameters

EOS_EKWSPermissionStatus* OutPermission

the permission for the given key, if it exists and is valid

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