EOS API reference page for EOS_Friends_GetStatus

This function is part of the Friends Interface.


Retrieve the friendship status between the local user and another user.

Return Value

  • A value indicating whether the two accounts have a friendship, pending invites in either direction, or no relationship

  • EOS_FS_Friends is returned for two users that have confirmed friendship

  • EOS_FS_InviteSent is returned when the local user has sent a friend invitation but the other user has not accepted or rejected it

  • EOS_FS_InviteReceived is returned when the other user has sent a friend invitation to the local user

  • EOS_FS_NotFriends is returned when there is no known relationship

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Parameter Type And Name

Usage Information

EOS_HFriends Handle

const EOS_Friends_GetStatusOptions* Options

structure containing the Epic Online Services Account ID of the friend list to check and the account of the user to test friendship status

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