EOS API reference page for EOS_Ecom_Transaction_GetTransactionId

This function is part of the Ecom Interface.


The Ecom Transaction Interface exposes getters for accessing information about a completed transaction. All Ecom Transaction Interface calls take a handle of type EOS_Ecom_HTransaction as the first parameter. An EOS_Ecom_HTransaction handle is originally returned as part of the EOS_Ecom_CheckoutCallbackInfo struct. An EOS_Ecom_HTransaction handle can also be retrieved from an EOS_HEcom handle using EOS_Ecom_CopyTransactionByIndex. It is expected that after a transaction that EOS_Ecom_Transaction_Release is called. When EOS_Platform_Release is called any remaining transactions will also be released.

See Also

EOS_Ecom_CheckoutCallbackInfo, EOS_Ecom_GetTransactionCount, EOS_Ecom_CopyTransactionByIndex


Parameter Type And Name

Usage Information

EOS_Ecom_HTransaction Handle

char* OutBuffer

int32_t* InOutBufferLength