EOS API reference page for EOS_RTC_DisconnectedCallbackInfo

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This data structure is part of the RTC Interface.


This struct is passed in with a call to EOS_RTC_AddNotifyDisconnected registered event.



EOS_EResult ResultCodeThis returns: EOS_Success The room was left cleanly. EOS_NoConnection: There was a network issue connecting to the server (retryable). EOS_RTC_UserKicked: The user has been kicked by the server (retryable). EOS_ServiceFailure: A known error occurred during interaction with the server (retryable). EOS_UnexpectedError Unexpected error (retryable).
void* ClientDataClient-specified data passed into EOS_RTC_AddNotifyDisconnected.
EOS_ProductUserId LocalUserIdThe Product User ID of the user who initiated this request.
const char* RoomNameThe room associated with this event.