EOS API reference page for EOS_PlayerDataStorage_ReadFileCallbackInfo

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This data structure is part of the PlayerDataStorage Interface.


Data containing the result of a read file request



EOS_EResult ResultCodeThe result code for the operation. EOS_Success: The request was successful. EOS_Canceled: The request was canceled. EOS_TooManyRequests: There are too many requests in progress for the local user at this time. EOS_AlreadyPending: There is another requests in progress for the specified file by this user. EOS_CacheDirectoryMissing: The cache directory was not set when calling EOS_Platform_Create. EOS_CacheDirectoryInvalid: The cache directory provided when calling EOS_Platform_Create was invalid. EOS_PlayerDataStorage_UserThrottled: There were too many requests to the Data Storage service recently by the local user. The application must wait some time before trying again. EOS_PlayerDataStorage_EncryptionKeyNotSet: The encryption key value was not set when calling EOS_Platform_Create. EOS_PlayerDataStorage_FileCorrupted: The downloaded or cached file was corrupted or invalid in some way. What exactly is wrong with the file is returned in the logs (potentially retryable). EOS_InvalidState: The read operation is not allowed (e.g. when application is suspended). EOS_UnexpectedError: An unexpected error occurred either downloading, or reading the downloaded file. This most commonly means there were file IO issues such as: permission issues, disk is full, etc. (potentially retryable)
void* ClientDataClient-specified data passed into the file read request
EOS_ProductUserId LocalUserIdThe Product User ID of the local user who initiated this request
const char* FilenameThe filename of the file that has been finished reading