EOS API reference page for EOS_LobbyDetails_Info

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This data structure is part of the Lobby Interface.



int32_t ApiVersionAPI Version: Set this to EOS_LOBBYDETAILS_INFO_API_LATEST.
EOS_LobbyId LobbyIdLobby ID
EOS_ProductUserId LobbyOwnerUserIdThe Product User ID of the current owner of the lobby
EOS_ELobbyPermissionLevel PermissionLevelPermission level of the lobby
uint32_t AvailableSlotsCurrent available space
uint32_t MaxMembersMax allowed members in the lobby
EOS_Bool bAllowInvitesIf true, users can invite others to this lobby
const char* BucketIdThe main indexed parameter for this lobby, can be any string (i.e. "Region:GameMode")
EOS_Bool bAllowHostMigrationIs host migration allowed
EOS_Bool bRTCRoomEnabledWas a Real-Time Communication (RTC) room enabled at lobby creation?
EOS_Bool bAllowJoinByIdIs EOS_Lobby_JoinLobbyById allowed
EOS_Bool bRejoinAfterKickRequiresInviteDoes rejoining after being kicked require an invite
EOS_Bool bPresenceEnabledIf true, this lobby will be associated with the local user's presence information.
const uint32_t* AllowedPlatformIdsArray of platform IDs indicating the player platforms allowed to register with the session. Platform IDs are found in the EOS header file, e.g. EOS_OPT_Epic. For some platforms, the value will be in the EOS Platform specific header file. If null, the lobby will be unrestricted.
uint32_t AllowedPlatformIdsCountNumber of platform IDs in the array