EOS API reference page for EOS_Ecom_QueryEntitlementsOptions

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This data structure is part of the Ecom Interface.


Input parameters for the EOS_Ecom_QueryEntitlements function.



int32_t ApiVersionAPI Version: Set this to EOS_ECOM_QUERYENTITLEMENTS_API_LATEST.
EOS_EpicAccountId LocalUserIdThe Epic Account ID of the local user whose Entitlements you want to retrieve
EOS_Ecom_EntitlementName* EntitlementNamesAn array of Entitlement Names that you want to check
uint32_t EntitlementNameCountThe number of Entitlement Names included in the array, up to EOS_ECOM_QUERYENTITLEMENTS_MAX_ENTITLEMENT_IDS; use zero to request all Entitlements associated with the user's Epic Online Services account.
EOS_Bool bIncludeRedeemedIf true, Entitlements that have been redeemed will be included in the results.