EOS API reference page for EOS_Auth_Credentials

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This data structure is part of the Auth Interface.


Login credentials filled as part of the EOS_Auth_LoginOptions struct for EOS_Auth_Login API. Required input parameters to be set depend on the login credential type. Any parameters not being used must be set to NULL. Otherwise, EOS_InvalidParameters error is returned.

Credential TypeParameters
EOS_LCT_PasswordID is the email address, and Token is the password.
EOS_LCT_ExchangeCodeSet ID to NULL. Token is the exchange code.
EOS_LCT_PersistentAuthSet ID to NULL. On console platforms, Token is the long-lived refresh token. Otherwise, set to NULL.
EOS_LCT_DeveloperSet ID as the host (e.g. localhost:6547). Token is the credential name registered in the EOS Developer Authentication Tool.
EOS_LCT_RefreshTokenSet ID to NULL. Token is the refresh token.
EOS_LCT_AccountPortalSet ID and Token to NULL. SystemAuthCredentialsOptions may be required on mobile platforms.
EOS_LCT_ExternalAuthSet ID to NULL or the External Account ID that belongs to the external auth token. Token is the external auth token specified by ExternalType. External Account IDs set to the ID are expected as either base-10 numeric strings for integer-based external Account IDs, or the actual string for everything else. If ID is provided, login will automatically be cancelled if the EOS SDK is able to and does detect the external account signing-out. If ID is provided, it must match the external account ID belonging to the auth-token, or login will fail.

See Also

EOS_ELoginCredentialType, EOS_Auth_Login, EOS_Auth_DeletePersistentAuthOptions



int32_t ApiVersionAPI Version: Set this to EOS_AUTH_CREDENTIALS_API_LATEST.
const char* IdAuthentication ID value based on the used EOS_ELoginCredentialType. If not used, must be set to NULL.
const char* TokenAuthentication Token value based on the used EOS_ELoginCredentialType. If not used, must be set to NULL.
EOS_ELoginCredentialType TypeLogin credentials type based on the authentication method used.
void* SystemAuthCredentialsOptionsThis field is for system specific options, if any. If provided, the structure will be located in (System)/eos_(system).h. The structure will be named EOS_(System)_Auth_CredentialsOptions.
EOS_EExternalCredentialType ExternalTypeType of external login. Needed to identify the external auth method to use. Used when login type is set to EOS_LCT_ExternalAuth, ignored for other EOS_ELoginCredentialType methods.