EOS API reference page for EOS_UI_SetToggleFriendsKey

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This function is part of the UI Interface.


Updates the current Toggle Friends Key. This key can be used by the user to toggle the friends overlay when available. The default value represents Shift + F3 as ((int32_t)EOS_UIK_Shift | (int32_t)EOS_UIK_F3). The provided key should satisfy EOS_UI_IsValidKeyCombination. The value EOS_UIK_None is specially handled by resetting the key binding to the system default.

Return Value

  • EOS_Success If the overlay has been notified about the request.

  • EOS_IncompatibleVersion if the API version passed in is incorrect.

  • EOS_InvalidParameters If any of the options are incorrect.

  • EOS_NotConfigured If the overlay is not properly configured.

  • EOS_NoChange If the key combination did not change.

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Parameter Type And NameUsage Information
EOS_HUI Handle
const EOS_UI_SetToggleFriendsKeyOptions* OptionsStructure containing the key combination to use.