EOS API reference page for EOS_RTC_BlockParticipant

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This function is part of the RTC Interface.


Use this function to block a participant already connected to the room. After blocking them no media will be sent or received between that user and the local user. This method can be used after receiving the OnParticipantStatusChanged notification.

Return Value

  • EOS_Success if the operation succeeded

  • EOS_InvalidParameters if any of the parameters are incorrect

  • EOS_NotFound if either the local user or specified participant are not in the specified room

  • EOS_RTC_UserIsInBlocklist The user is in one of the platform's applicable block lists and thus an RTC unblock is not allowed.



Parameter Type And NameUsage Information
const EOS_RTC_BlockParticipantOptions* Optionsstructure containing the parameters for the operation.
void* ClientDataArbitrary data that is passed back in the CompletionDelegate
const EOS_RTC_OnBlockParticipantCallback CompletionDelegatea callback that is fired when the async operation completes, either successfully or in error

Callback Function Information

Because this function is asynchronous, it employs a callback of type EOS_RTC_OnBlockParticipantCallback to report the results of its operation.

Callback Remarks

Callback for completion of block participants request.

Callback Parameters


Parameter Type And NameUsage Information
const EOS_RTC_BlockParticipantCallbackInfo* Data