EOS API reference page for EOS_PlayerDataStorage_CopyFileMetadataAtIndex

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This function is part of the PlayerDataStorage Interface.


Get the cached copy of a file's metadata by index. The metadata will be for the last retrieved or successfully saved version, and will not include any local changes that have not been committed by calling SaveFile. The returned pointer must be released by the user when no longer needed.

Return Value

EOS_EResult::EOS_Success if the requested metadata is currently cached, otherwise an error result explaining what went wrong

See Also

EOS_PlayerDataStorage_GetFileMetadataCount, EOS_PlayerDataStorage_FileMetadata_Release



Parameter Type And NameUsage Information
EOS_HPlayerDataStorage Handle
const EOS_PlayerDataStorage_CopyFileMetadataAtIndexOptions* CopyFileMetadataOptionsObject containing properties related to which user is requesting metadata, and at what index
EOS_PlayerDataStorage_FileMetadata** OutMetadataA copy of the FileMetadata structure will be set if successful. This data must be released by calling EOS_PlayerDataStorage_FileMetadata_Release.

If successful, this function provides data to the caller through an output parameter. Once you are finished with the data, you must release it by making the appropriate call into the EOS SDK.