EOS API reference page for EOS_P2P_QueryNATType

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This function is part of the P2P Interface.


Query the current NAT-type of our connection.



Parameter Type And NameUsage Information
EOS_HP2P Handle
const EOS_P2P_QueryNATTypeOptions* OptionsInformation about what version of the EOS_P2P_QueryNATType API is supported
void* ClientDataarbitrary data that is passed back to you in the CompletionDelegate
const EOS_P2P_OnQueryNATTypeCompleteCallback CompletionDelegateThe callback to be fired when we finish querying our NAT type

Callback Function Information

Because this function is asynchronous, it employs a callback of type EOS_P2P_OnQueryNATTypeCompleteCallback to report the results of its operation.

Callback Remarks

Callback for information related to our NAT type query completing.

Callback Parameters


Parameter Type And NameUsage Information
const EOS_P2P_OnQueryNATTypeCompleteInfo* Data