EOS API reference page for EOS_IntegratedPlatform_CreateIntegratedPlatformOptionsContainer

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This function is part of the IntegratedPlatform Interface.


Creates an integrated platform options container handle. This handle can used to add multiple options to your container which will then be applied with EOS_Platform_Create. The resulting handle must be released by calling EOS_IntegratedPlatformOptionsContainer_Release once it has been passed to EOS_Platform_Create.

Return Value

Success if we successfully created the integrated platform options container handle pointed at in OutIntegratedPlatformOptionsContainerHandle, or an error result if the input data was invalid.

See Also

EOS_IntegratedPlatformOptionsContainer_Release, EOS_Platform_Create, EOS_IntegratedPlatformOptionsContainer_Add



Parameter Type And NameUsage Information
const EOS_IntegratedPlatform_CreateIntegratedPlatformOptionsContainerOptions* Optionsstructure containing operation input parameters.
EOS_HIntegratedPlatformOptionsContainer* OutIntegratedPlatformOptionsContainerHandlePointer to an integrated platform options container handle to be set if successful.