EOS API reference page for EOS_Ecom_QueryOwnership

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This function is part of the Ecom Interface.


Query the ownership status for a given list of catalog item IDs defined with Epic Online Services. This data will be cached for a limited time and retrieved again from the backend when necessary Depending on the number of catalog item ids passed, the SDK splits the query into smaller batch requests to the backend and aggregates the result. Note: If one of the request batches fails, no data is cached and the entire query is marked as failed.



Parameter Type And NameUsage Information
EOS_HEcom Handle
const EOS_Ecom_QueryOwnershipOptions* Optionsstructure containing the account and catalog item IDs to retrieve
void* ClientDataarbitrary data that is passed back to you in the CompletionDelegate
const EOS_Ecom_OnQueryOwnershipCallback CompletionDelegatea callback that is fired when the async operation completes, either successfully or in error

Callback Function Information

Because this function is asynchronous, it employs a callback of type EOS_Ecom_OnQueryOwnershipCallback to report the results of its operation.

Callback Remarks

Function prototype definition for callbacks passed to EOS_Ecom_QueryOwnership

Callback Parameters


Parameter Type And NameUsage Information
const EOS_Ecom_QueryOwnershipCallbackInfo* DataA EOS_Ecom_QueryOwnershipCallbackInfo containing the output information and result