EOS API reference page for EOS_ELogCategory

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Logging Categories



Enumerated ValueMeaning
EOS_LC_CoreLow level logs unrelated to specific services
EOS_LC_AuthLogs related to the Auth service
EOS_LC_FriendsLogs related to the Friends service
EOS_LC_PresenceLogs related to the Presence service
EOS_LC_UserInfoLogs related to the UserInfo service
EOS_LC_HttpSerializationLogs related to HTTP serialization
EOS_LC_EcomLogs related to the Ecommerce service
EOS_LC_P2PLogs related to the P2P service
EOS_LC_SessionsLogs related to the Sessions service
EOS_LC_RateLimiterLogs related to rate limiting
EOS_LC_PlayerDataStorageLogs related to the PlayerDataStorage service
EOS_LC_AnalyticsLogs related to sdk analytics
EOS_LC_MessagingLogs related to the messaging service
EOS_LC_ConnectLogs related to the Connect service
EOS_LC_OverlayLogs related to the Overlay
EOS_LC_AchievementsLogs related to the Achievements service
EOS_LC_StatsLogs related to the Stats service
EOS_LC_UILogs related to the UI service
EOS_LC_LobbyLogs related to the lobby service
EOS_LC_LeaderboardsLogs related to the Leaderboards service
EOS_LC_KeychainLogs related to an internal Keychain feature that the authentication interfaces use
EOS_LC_IntegratedPlatformLogs related to integrated platforms
EOS_LC_TitleStorageLogs related to Title Storage
EOS_LC_ModsLogs related to the Mods service
EOS_LC_AntiCheatLogs related to the Anti-Cheat service
EOS_LC_ReportsLogs related to reports client.
EOS_LC_SanctionsLogs related to the Sanctions service
EOS_LC_ProgressionSnapshotsLogs related to the Progression Snapshot service
EOS_LC_KWSLogs related to the Kids Web Services integration
EOS_LC_RTCLogs related to the RTC API
EOS_LC_RTCAdminLogs related to the RTC Admin API
EOS_LC_CustomInvitesLogs related to the Custom Invites API
EOS_LC_ALL_CATEGORIESNot a real log category. Used by EOS_Logging_SetLogLevel to set the log level for all categories at the same time