Choose verification methods

How to choose which verification methods to offer parents (subject to region) in the PV service verification webview.

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In your PV service configuration, you must choose which verification methods you wish to make available to parents in the verification request webview:

Verification method selection

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  • The methods that KWS presents to the parent in the verification webview are also dependent on the child's location that you pass to the KWS API.
  • You must choose enough methods to provide global coverage, at a minimum. We recommend that you select as many methods as possible, to increase conversion rates.

To choose the verification methods:

  1. In the Parent Verification tab, click Change enabled verification methods:

    Choose verification methods

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    The verification methods editor opens.

  2. Select the desired methods, and then click Change methods to save your changes. Your changes take effect immediately.

The next step in your Test environment configuration is to integrate with the KWS API.