Kids Web Services (KWS)

A parent verification platform to help you create safe and compliant digital experiences for young audiences.

Under 1 min to read
Welcome to Kids Web Services

An overview of Kids Web Services and how it can help you create safe and compliant digital experiences.

About the KWS Platform

An overview of the main developer features of Kids Web Services.

About the Parent Verification Service

An overview of the Parent Verification (PV) service, including an example use case and a description of the verification methods used by the service.

Getting Started

How to register with KWS and start using the KWS platform for the first time.

Set Up the Parent Verification Service

How to set up the KWS Parent Verification service for your product, first in a Test environment and then in your Production environment.

Manage your KWS Organization

How to manage your team member’s accounts and edit your organization details.

KWS Support

Where to get support and information when using Kids Web Services.

KWS Glossary

A glossary of terms relating to the Kids Web Services platform.

KWS API Reference

A link to the KWS API specification.