EOS API reference page for EOS_Lobby_GetRTCRoomName

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This function is part of the Lobby Interface.


Get the name of the RTC room associated with a specific lobby a local user belongs to. This value can be used whenever you need a RoomName value in the RTC_* suite of functions. RTC Room Names must not be used with EOS_RTC_JoinRoom, EOS_RTC_LeaveRoom, or EOS_RTC_AddNotifyDisconnected. Doing so will return EOS_AccessDenied or EOS_INVALID_NOTIFICATIONID if used with those functions. This function will only succeed when called on a lobby the local user is currently a member of.

Return Value

  • EOS_Success if a room exists for the specified lobby, there was enough space in OutBuffer, and the name was written successfully

  • EOS_NotFound if the lobby does not exist

  • EOS_Disabled if the lobby exists, but did not have the RTC Room feature enabled when created

  • EOS_InvalidParameters if you pass a null pointer on invalid length for any of the parameters

  • EOS_LimitExceeded The OutBuffer is not large enough to receive the room name. InOutBufferLength contains the required minimum length to perform the operation successfully.



Parameter Type And NameUsage Information
EOS_HLobby Handle
const EOS_Lobby_GetRTCRoomNameOptions* OptionsStructure containing information about the RTC room name to retrieve
char* OutBufferThe buffer to store the null-terminated room name string within
uint32_t* InOutBufferLengthIn: The maximum amount of writable chars in OutBuffer, Out: The minimum amount of chars needed in OutBuffer to store the RTC room name (including the null-terminator)