EOS Game Services

A collection of services for building cross-platform multiplayer functionality.

EOS Game Services enable you to build and integrate online functionality into your game. You can set up your game to use Game Services without any requirement for your players to have an Epic Games account. You can use any of the following free services:

  • Multiplayer
    Set up multiplayer sessions, lobbies, peer-to-peer networking and enable voice chat between players.

  • Player progression
    Track metrics, stats, and achievements for every player. Set up leaderboards and store encrypted, user-specific, game-specific data to cloud servers.

  • Game operations
    Use anti-cheat, player sanctions, reports and a ticketing system to manage your community. Store data for your game that is accessible to any player on any device where they can log in.

EOS Game Services are part of Epic Online Services (EOS). You can find out more about Epic Online Services in the Epic Online Services (EOS) Overview and EOS Get Started documentation.

EOS Game Services Documentation


Bulk Importer and Exporter Tool

A tool to assist with stat and achievement management.

File Decryption Tool

The File Decryption Tool is a command line tool that you can use to create new files or decrypt files loaded to Title Storage or Player Data Storage easily and conveniently.


Achievements Interface

Interface for checking and unlocking Epic Online Services achievements on a user-by-user basis.

Anti-Cheat Interfaces

Understand the prerequisites, network architecture, platform components, and more involved in implementing Anti-Cheat in your EOS product.

Connect Interface

The Connect Interface handles connections between users' accounts under different identity providers.

Custom Invites Interface

Interface for handling invites where Epic matchmaking is not being used.

Leaderboards Interface

Interface to handle online leaderboards

Lobbies Interface

Interface to handle lobbies

Logging Interface

Interface to receive log messages from the Epic Online Services SDK

Metrics Interface

Interface to record play sessions for game usage data collection.

NAT P2P Interface

Interface to send and receive data between users, and related networking functionality.

Platform Interface

Interface that grants access to all other interfaces.

Player Data Storage Interface

Interface to handle cloud-based data management

Reports Interface

Query user reports to view the details of reported user behaviors, for example, cheating, verbal abuse, offensive profiles, and so on.

Sanctions Interface

Manage punitive actions taken against your users including temporary or permanent bans from gameplay or communication.

Sessions Interface

Interface to handle session-based matchmaking

Stats Interface

Interface for managing stats.

Title Storage Interface

Interface to download encrypted data shared by all players from the cloud

Voice Interface

Use the Voice interface to create and manage voice chat rooms for your users while they use your product.