EOS SDK for Mac

Reference information for implementing EOS SDK for MacOS.

Under 1 min to read

Before implementing the SDK with MacOS, be sure to review the general guidelines and references for platform implementation.

Building EOS on MacOS

MacOS does not require the use of Mac/eos_Mac_base.h. It is provided to ease implementation of a cross-platform product.

Linking EOS on MacOS

MacOS requires you to add both the link-time library and load-time library to the link command for your project.

  • Both the link-time and run-time library are libEOSSDK-Mac-Shipping.dylib

Apple silicon support

From version 1.15.2 onwards, the EOS SDK supports Apple silicon. libEOSSDK-Mac-Shipping.dylib is now a universal library, and supports x86_64 and arm64 architectures.

Note: Anti-cheat module currently does not support Apple silicon.