Recent Updates

Recent releases and documentation updates for the Epic Games Store publishing tools

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Recent Updates

  • Release: New or improved publishing tools functionality is now available to users.
  • Doc Update: New articles or updates to existing documentation have been added to the library.

November 4, 2022 Doc Update

New! The following articles are now available in the Epic Games Store documentation library:

October 26, 2022 Doc Update

New! The Epic Games Store section of the Developer Documentation site has been refreshed with an updated structure. This update provides better categorization of resources to help boost navigation and promote a better overall user experience.

August 30, 2022 Release

New! A streamlined intake process for providing your organization's tax and payout information is now available. Learn more: Manage your Organization

July 7, 2022 Release

New! Users no longer need to submit offer date changes to the Epic Games Store team for approval for products within their Live sandbox. A new Make Live Update button allows users to update their live offer dates as needed to accommodate release schedule changes. Updates made to offer dates through this process do not require review and approval by the Epic Games Store team, providing partners with a more flexible and streamlined experience. Learn more: Manage Offers

June 23, 2022 Release

New! When setting dates for product offers, users are now presented with a guided walkthrough for a simplified, more intuitive experience. The new experience prompts users to answer a series of questions related to their offer to ensure relevant details are captured up front (i.e., Was this offer previously released on PC or Mac?). Additionally, the new experience features an offer date timeline visualization that helps boost understanding and overall accuracy of configurations.

Note: While the guided experience presents information in a new format, the specific details requested have not changed with this update.

  • The guided experience displays by default when configuring offer dates for a new offer. Similarly, the guided experience displays when configuring dates for the first time on an existing offer.
  • When updating previously-configured offer dates, users can select Guided Experience to walk through the steps and complete their desired changes. Alternatively, users can leverage the classic offer date view to complete their desired updates from a single page.

May 5, 2022 Release

  • Users can now generate Testing keys in Dev and Stage Sandboxes without needing to submit offers for approval. Learn more: Access Keys.
  • Users can now patch binaries in Live sandbox for offers that are already live. Learn more: Patching Live Builds.

April 14, 2022 Release

  • New! Digital Acceptance of Distribution & Email Sharing Agreements. Learn more: Manage Agreements.
  • New! Selecting an estimated date will format the Release Date on product detail pages.

March 24, 2022 Release

  • New! Localization for Images and Video is now available. Users can upload localized assets so that Epic Games Store users can see a tailored experience when viewing a product page in their preferred language. Learn more: Localize Store Presence.
  • Bug fix - remove non-functional 'Share revenue with underage affiliates' checkbox on offer configuration.

March 9, 2022 Release

Localization Template Updates- FAQ and About Section Contents

  • Before, section contents for sections containing multiple text blocks and images (About and FAQ sections) were combined into a single cell in the localization template, including markdown code for images. Now, content blocks are separated into separate rows in the localization file, and no longer contain information about images.

New! Asynchronous localization file upload

  • Before, users needed to wait for a localization file to upload and save when the upload completed. Now, users can upload a file and come back to see the results in the History section.
  • Users can now see any errors that occurred with an uploaded file on the upload screen.
  • Users can download a previously uploaded file from the file upload screen.

New! Localization file upload history

  • Users can now view a history of uploaded localization files for all files uploaded after this update.
  • Users can view the status of uploaded files in file upload history.
  • Users can view a detailed error report of all issues with previous uploaded files.
  • Users can download previous uploaded localization files from the file history screen.

Learn More: Localize Store Presence

February 10, 2022 Release

  • Updates to URL path naming in the Dev Portal Publishing Tools. Please note, saved bookmarks may be impacted by this change.
  • Coming Soon Page requirement changes. If you would like to publish a coming soon page for an offer, it is no longer required to attach a binary to the associated artifact. Learn More: Manage Pages.

November 29, 2021 Release

  • Support for Closed Captioning for videos
  • Support for Consumable Offer Types
  • New! Product dashboard allows you see a quick overview of your product status
  • New! Get started in the Publishing tools with an Interactive onboarding walk-through.