Recent Updates

Recent releases and documentation updates for the Epic Games Store publishing tools.

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Recent Updates

May 25, 2023 Release

For improved offer management, base offers can now be unlinked from Edition-type offers in the Dev sandbox. This improvement helps ensure updates made to base offers are reflected in their associated editions.

Previously, when updates were made to a base offer, both the base offer and any associated editions had to be pushed to the Stage sandbox. If the editions were not pushed to Stage, the base offer updates were not reflected in those editions. With this update, you no longer need to push editions to Stage along with your base offer. You can now unlink your base offer from associated editions prior to making updates. Once the base offer is updated, relinking that offer to your editions ensures they are associated with the most up-to-date version of your base offer.

Learn more: Manage Offers

May 23, 2023 Release

In the Epic Games Store publishing tools, you are now able to create and manage discounts for your product offers. You can create custom discounts as part of your own campaign, as well as participate in Epic-led preset campaigns. To learn more, review Manage Discounts.

May 11, 2023 Release

In the Ratings area of the Epic Games Store publishing tools, you can obtain IARC ratings for your product, as well as upload traditional ratings from other official authorities. With this release, the Ratings area now offers a full-screen experience to users. This update improves ease of use by providing an expanded workspace for managing your product's ratings. This release does not add, remove, or otherwise change existing ratings functionality. Learn More: Manage Regions & Ratings

April 20, 2023 Release

For improved monitoring purposes, the status of your product within the publishing workflow now displays on your dashboard under Your Product > Epic Games Store. This status provides quick insight into where in the workflow your product currently resides, such as Coming Soon, In Review or Released. For additional context, hover over your product's assigned status to review a brief definition.

April 13, 2023 Release

The following updates have been made to the Epic Games Store publishing tools:

  • A new Legal role is now available in the Dev Portal for Enterprise organizations. This role grants users Legal Management permissions, which allows them to complete agreements on behalf of their organization. Previously, agreements could only be completed by organization owners. Legal Management permissions are assigned to the Legal role by default; these permissions can also be added to custom roles as needed.
  • In order to publish a Coming Soon page for an offer with an estimated or unknown launch date, selecting supported platforms for that offer is now required. Platforms can be manually set through the offer's General Details section. Learn more: Manage Offers

March 29, 2023 Doc Update

A new article, Upload Digital Extras, has been added to the library. This guide outlines the process for uploading and testing digital extras for Windows and MacOS.

March 28, 2023 Release

New! Dedicated pages for Edition-type offers are now available, providing a similar experience to pages for other offer types, such as demos. Pages comprise your product's presence on the storefront and display content about your base product and other offers.

Previously, Edition offers were only listed along with your base product on your Product Home page. Now, when a user on your Product Home page selects an edition, they are taken to a page containing text and media tailored to that edition. To learn more, review Manage Pages.

Pages are automatically generated for Edition offers created after the release of this update. However, Edition pages are not retroactively generated for offers created prior to March 28, 2023.

For existing Edition offers, the following options are available:

  • Create new pages: In the Pages section of the publishing tools, you can manually create new pages for each Edition offer you have available. Learn more: Manage Pages
  • No action: If no action is taken, your Edition offers will retain their current behavior and continue to display on your store presence as prior to this update. This update does not remove or alter any edition information from your product on the storefront.

March 23, 2023 Release

Offers within the Dev sandbox can now be deleted. This update improves offer management within test environments. Learn more: Manage Offers

March 14, 2023 Release

The following updates have been made to the Epic Games Store publishing tools:

  • When promoting entities from the Stage to Live sandbox, you can now choose to publish your selected entities immediately, or you can provide a specific date and time for the push to Live to occur. Learn more: Publishing Tools Workflow
  • For an improved store experience, products can now only have up to 10 Edition-type offers available on the storefront at a given time. If more than 10 editions exist in the Live sandbox, the oldest available editions are automatically hidden on the store. Learn more: Manage Offers

March 9, 2023 Release

In 2018, Epic Games set out to accomplish 2 things: create a store with a direct player relationship and bring better economics to developers. Now, the Epic Games Store reaches a global audience of over 230M+ players - and today, we are happy to announce the launch of the the Epic Games Store publishing tools! This new self-service toolset provides developers with everything they need to manage their own store presence and submit their game for distribution on the Epic Games Store.

To learn more about distributing products on the Epic Games Store, check out our new Getting Started resources:

Additionally, the following articles have also been updated:

  • Epic Games Store Requirements: A new requirement has been added for products onboarded in the Dev Portal starting from March 9, 2023. Products that support achievements through other PC storefronts that sell third-party products must now also support Epic Games Store achievements.

  • Manage Your Organization: The Create Custom Roles section has been expanded to provide more information about the permissions available for the Epic Games Store publishing tools. Additionally, a Next Steps section has been added that outlines the onboarding process for the self-service publishing tools.

  • Create Custom Price Tiers: The process for creating and managing custom price tiers has been updated.

February 27, 2023 Doc Update

The Known Issues page now includes a Feature Support section. This section provides information about the types of product configurations the Epic Games Store publishing tools do not currently support. The Feature Support list will be updated regularly as the publishing tools continue to receive enhancements, improvements, and other updates.

February 9, 2023 Release

Within the Epic Games Store publishing tools, the labels of two fields used to capture media on product pages have been updated. The previously-named Featured Media field is now labeled as Carousel; the Gallery field is now labeled as Additional Images.

Additionally, the About section of the Product Home page now requires the use of at least one text block. Previously, adding content to the About section was optional.

February 3, 2023 Doc Update

The Cross-Platform Multiplayer Guidelines article now contains a Crossplay Test Cases section. Previously, this information was available in the Epic Games Store Testing Guide.

January 24, 2023 Release

New! IARC ratings are now supported for products distributed on the Epic Games Store!

The International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) provides a globally streamlined age classification process for digital products. This system helps to ensure users are given consistent access to established and trusted ratings across platforms.

With this release, partners can now easily obtain IARC ratings through the Epic Games Store publishing tools and display that information on product pages in the storefront.

  • To learn more about IARC ratings on the Epic Games Store, review IARC Ratings.
  • For information on configuring ratings for your product (including how to obtain IARC ratings), review Manage Regions & Ratings.

January 18, 2023 Release

The following updates have been made to the Epic Games Store publishing tools:

  • Streamlined artifact creation: Artifacts are now automatically generated for offers that feature downloadable content, such as Digital Extras or Demo type offers. Previously, artifacts were only auto-generated for base product offers. Learn more: Manage Artifacts
  • New! User Support settings: When configuring your store settings, you must now provide a support page URL or email address that users can access if they require assistance with your product. Learn more: Configure Store Settings
  • New! NFT and Blockchain setting: When configuring your product offers, you can now self-identify products as leveraging blockchain technology. Learn more: Blockchain Technology Guidelines
  • New! Offer Content setting: When creating Add-On type offers, you can now specify that these offers contain virtual currency or other consumable items. Learn more: Manage Offers

January 3, 2023 Release

In order to access the Epic Games Store publishing tools, you must be at least 18 years of age. To help ensure this requirement is met, you will be prompted to confirm that you are over the age of 18 upon your next attempt to access the Epic Games Store section of the Dev Portal following January 3, 2023. If you do not confirm that you are over 18, or otherwise do not meet this requirement, you cannot access the publishing tools.

November 4, 2022 Doc Update

New! The following articles are now available in the Epic Games Store documentation library:

October 26, 2022 Doc Update

New! The Epic Games Store section of the Developer Documentation site has been refreshed with an updated structure. This update provides better categorization of resources to help boost navigation and promote a better overall user experience.

August 30, 2022 Release

New! A streamlined intake process for providing your organization's tax and payout information is now available. Learn more: Manage your Organization

July 7, 2022 Release

New! Users no longer need to submit offer date changes to the Epic Games Store team for approval for products within their Live sandbox. A new Make Live Update button allows users to update their live offer dates as needed to accommodate release schedule changes. Updates made to offer dates through this process do not require review and approval by the Epic Games Store team, providing partners with a more flexible and streamlined experience. Learn more: Manage Offers

June 23, 2022 Release

New! When setting dates for product offers, users are now presented with a guided walkthrough for a simplified, more intuitive experience. The new experience prompts users to answer a series of questions related to their offer to ensure relevant details are captured up front (i.e., Was this offer previously released on PC or Mac?). Additionally, the new experience features an offer date timeline visualization that helps boost understanding and overall accuracy of configurations.

Note: While the guided experience presents information in a new format, the specific details requested have not changed with this update.

  • The guided experience displays by default when configuring offer dates for a new offer. Similarly, the guided experience displays when configuring dates for the first time on an existing offer.
  • When updating previously-configured offer dates, users can select Guided Experience to walk through the steps and complete their desired changes. Alternatively, users can leverage the classic offer date view to complete their desired updates from a single page.

May 5, 2022 Release

  • Users can now generate Testing keys in Dev and Stage Sandboxes without needing to submit offers for approval. Learn more: Access Keys.
  • Users can now patch binaries in Live sandbox for offers that are already live. Learn more: Patching Live Builds.

April 14, 2022 Release

  • New! Digital Acceptance of Distribution & Email Sharing Agreements. Learn more: Manage Agreements.
  • New! Selecting an estimated date will format the Release Date on product detail pages.

March 24, 2022 Release

  • New! Localization for Images and Video is now available. Users can upload localized assets so that Epic Games Store users can see a tailored experience when viewing a product page in their preferred language. Learn more: Localize Store Presence.
  • Bug fix - remove non-functional 'Share revenue with underage affiliates' checkbox on offer configuration.

March 9, 2022 Release

Localization Template Updates- FAQ and About Section Contents

  • Before, section contents for sections containing multiple text blocks and images (About and FAQ sections) were combined into a single cell in the localization template, including markdown code for images. Now, content blocks are separated into separate rows in the localization file, and no longer contain information about images.

New! Asynchronous localization file upload

  • Before, users needed to wait for a localization file to upload and save when the upload completed. Now, users can upload a file and come back to see the results in the History section.
  • Users can now see any errors that occurred with an uploaded file on the upload screen.
  • Users can download a previously uploaded file from the file upload screen.

New! Localization file upload history

  • Users can now view a history of uploaded localization files for all files uploaded after this update.
  • Users can view the status of uploaded files in file upload history.
  • Users can view a detailed error report of all issues with previous uploaded files.
  • Users can download previous uploaded localization files from the file history screen.

Learn More: Localize Store Presence

February 10, 2022 Release

  • Updates to URL path naming in the Dev Portal Publishing Tools. Please note, saved bookmarks may be impacted by this change.
  • Coming Soon Page requirement changes. If you would like to publish a coming soon page for an offer, it is no longer required to attach a binary to the associated artifact. Learn More: Manage Pages.

November 29, 2021 Release

  • Support for Closed Captioning for videos
  • Support for Consumable Offer Types
  • New! Product dashboard allows you see a quick overview of your product status
  • New! Get started in the Publishing tools with an Interactive onboarding walk-through.